Sober for 306 Days – Three Benefits


When you quit drinking alcohol and stay sober for several months, what could you expect? I haven’t had any alcohol for 306 days. Based on my experience you can expect to:

Save Money Sober

We used to buy dinner wine in a three-liter box that would last us about a week. We bought about four or five boxes per month at $20 a pop. That adds up to about $100 a month for table wine. When we went out for dinner or visited friends or relatives, we would bring a good, $25 bottle with us. Figure another $50 or $75 a month for good wine. Total cost per month–about $150 to $175 per month. That’s about what we’re paying in monthly payments for my wife’s new car.

How much money could you save when you quit drinking?

The Hidden Cost of Your Drinking Habit, Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post

Sleep Better Sober

When you have a bit too much wine to drink you may fall asleep faster (or pass out), but you don’t sleep as well. Your sleep may not be as restorative as when you sleep sober. And then there’s the next morning. If you drink too much, you may wake up with a hangover and spend several hours in discomfort. For those of us who wake up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom, falling asleep again can be more difficult and may include worry or anxiety.

When you don’t drink, do you sleep better and enjoy the next morning more?

Alcohol and Sleep,

Lose Weight Sober

A five-ounce glass of wine contains 125 calories. Two or three glasses of wine a day equals 250 to 375 calories per day. On a 2,000-calorie per day diet that means that you’re consuming 12.5% to 18.75% of your daily calories from the alcohol in wine. Instead of drinking wine, I’ve started drinking diet Pepsi or San Pelegrino sparkling water. I can drink as much as I want with only zero calories per day.

Do you really need extra 250 to 375 cal per day?

Five Ways Alcohol Hinders Fat Loss,

When New SFTP Replaces Old FTP

Hand on keyboard 042016

Out with WS_FTP, In with Transmit

On my old Win7 laptop I installed the venerable FTP utility WS_FTP. Now that I’ve replaced the laptop with an iMac – iPad Air 2 – iPhone 6s set up, I needed a new FTP application. (Google Search Console required some gyrations to verify me as the “owner” of

I queried Google to see what was available and found Transmit 4, an OS X  FTP utility. Although a few reviews called it “expensive” at $34, I wanted a native OS X application, not a clunky port of Microsoft-ness. Transmit 4  was easy to install, configure, and use.

Out with Old Tech, In with New Tech

For some elders the transition from WS_FTP to Transmit would be bad enough, without the additional background of moving from Windows to OS X. But I found the experience encouraging. Based on my prior experience with a similar tool, I was prepared to learn how to use a new tool. If we cling to old tools and methods while refusing to learn new ways, we’ll have to give step aside for others who are willing to learn.

Life-Long Learning

You may not care about FTP at all, but keep learning at work or at play. Learning will change and refresh you.

Great Day for Bicycling

2015-08-06 12.15.52

Sunny, warm, and little wind = cycling day!

Today’s route will be out to my current worksite and back, about ten miles on a winding trail through the woods. A pretty route along a creek, but not a fast route.

My goal: get to my worksite in less than one hour on the clock. When I’m in better shape I can get there in 40 to 45 minutes. I massively goofed off during the past winter, so I expect I’ll have to put in some saddle time to reduce my commute time.

My main bike is a modified Surly Cross-Check in the classic Beef Gravy Brown color.