When New SFTP Replaces Old FTP

Hand on keyboard 042016

Out with WS_FTP, In with Transmit

On my old Win7 laptop I installed the venerable FTP utility WS_FTP. Now that I’ve replaced the laptop with an iMac – iPad Air 2 – iPhone 6s set up, I needed a new FTP application. (Google Search Console required some gyrations to verify me as the “owner” of eldersatwork.com.)

I queried Google to see what was available and found Transmit 4, an OS X  FTP utility. Although a few reviews called it “expensive” at $34, I wanted a native OS X application, not a clunky port of Microsoft-ness. Transmit 4  was easy to install, configure, and use.

Out with Old Tech, In with New Tech

For some elders the transition from WS_FTP to Transmit would be bad enough, without the additional background of moving from Windows to OS X. But I found the experience encouraging. Based on my prior experience with a similar tool, I was prepared to learn how to use a new tool. If we cling to old tools and methods while refusing to learn new ways, we’ll have to give step aside for others who are willing to learn.

Life-Long Learning

You may not care about FTP at all, but keep learning at work or at play. Learning will change and refresh you.

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